100% Free Printable Multiplying Fractions Worksheets

Multiplying Fractions Worksheets – This time’s pursuit will explain and determine the sequence of integers (positive and negative) and fractions (ordinary, mixed, decimal, percent). Explain and perform counting operations for integers and fractions by utilizing various operation properties.

It also describes and determines the order of whole numbers (positive and negative) and fractions (ordinary, mixed, decimal, percent). As well as Sorting fractions, comparing fractions, Calculating the addition of fractions, and calculating the subtraction of fractions.

Multiplying Fractions Worksheets

In the end, the essence of the discussion of this article is about Calculating the multiplication of fractions. But indeed, there will also be Calculating the division of fractions and Converting fractions to percent and vice versa. Added Convert fractions to permille and vice versa for completions. So, the focus is on multiplying fractions worksheets, however, it turns out that this material is related to one another.

Multiplying Fractions Worksheets

In learning activities, it will use the Problem Based Learning Strategy or Guided Discovery and Group Learning method. This is so that students can master the understanding of fractions and compare and sort fractions. Ability Addition operations, fraction numbers as well as subtraction operations, fraction numbers This enrichment material is equally important.

Students must be able to solve everyday problems by multiplying fractions worksheets related to fractions and addition and subtraction operations on fractions. If not, there will be a loop with Solving everyday problems related to fractions and addition and subtraction operations on fractions.

Core Activities

The core activities of this lesson are also interesting. So the teacher asks students to group to carry out activities on the worksheet. This activity is carried out to facilitate the course of learning. Then the teacher then distributes the student worksheets to work on together.

However, the teacher asks students to observe multiplying fractions worksheets. So because students sit in groups and receive worksheets in the end the teacher gives time to observe the student worksheets and 10 minutes 2 to ask questions about something they don’t understand.

Sample Test Given


  1. In a thanksgiving event for class promotion, Ridho invited his friends to the house. Ridho prepared two tables. Table A is given 3 cakes, while table B is given 5 cakes. The cake is divided equally among each child who sits at the table. Invitations that come are free to choose to sit at any table. Nadia was the last invited participant. When she came, Nadia saw that there were 4 people in table A, while at table B there were 9 people. If she wanted to have a larger share of the cake between the two choices, then which table should Nadia have chosen? How many parts of the cake does he get?
  2. Ani buys 1.5 kg of oranges at the market for IDR 18,000.00. Then because her friends came to Ani’s house, she bought more kg of oranges. How many kg of oranges did Ani buy in total?
  3. Veni, Dini, and Rini bought a pizza. The pizza has been cut into 8 equal portions. If you eat 2 slices of pizza each, how many pieces of pizza are left on the plate?

So that’s about the description of this mathematics learning. Every learning, of course, must be someone who can control it. In this case of course the teacher himself. This is intended so that learn multiplying fractions worksheets can be carried out smoothly by you.

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