5+ Easy To Use Reading Comprehension Worksheets For Kindergarten

Reading Comprehension Worksheets for Students – Teachers turn out to have a difficult job. They not only need to teach their core content areas, but they should also help their students master reading comprehension, too! Sometimes, it’s hard to do it all in a context when you need to focus on skills.

Below, please find free reading comprehension worksheets complete with multiple-choice questions and multiple essay questions, too. Each worksheet can be completed online, or you can print an attached pdf file for ease of use in the classroom.

Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Reading comprehension worksheets for students can prepare for tests, or even reading the essential parts of any standardized test such as SAT, PSAT, GRE, and more! Bonus? You can have them on hand for easy replacement lesson plans in case you have to go out. It’s just winning!

Non-Fiction Questions Reading Comprehension Worksheets for Students

The question will take you to a slew of reading comprehension based on verse nonfiction. The section word count ranges from 500+ to over 2,000, and the content varies from famous speeches to art biographies. Use the worksheet and accompanying multiple-choice questions to test your students’ mastery of finding the main idea, assessing the author’s goals, making inferences, understanding vocabulary in context, and more!

Fiction Reading Comprehension Questions

Here, reading comprehension worksheets for students is based on fictional verses. The number of part words ranges from the 800s up to 3,000+. Settings range from modern-day kitchens to 19th-century Parisian reform schools. And like the reading nonfiction comprehension questions above, it focuses on skills like main ideas, inference, vocab in context, and more, too.

Main Worksheet Ideas

While the nonfiction and fiction worksheets above offer a variety of questions, this worksheet only focuses on finding the main idea. Here, you will find separate paragraph worksheets followed by multiple-choice questions in which students have to get rid of bullies to find the correct main idea (get rid of choices too narrow, too broad, partially correct, etc.), or open questions where students will need to. To write the main idea whether it is stated or implied.

Vocabulary in Context Of Worksheets

Reading comprehension worksheets for students focuses on a snippet from the story or nonfiction article and is followed by multiple-choice questions asking students to determine the meaning of the vocabulary word based on context. Words range in difficulty, although this context is very important in any choice in determining what to mean.

Inference Worksheets

The first three worksheets come with PDF for printing and include open and multiple-choice questions. The last three are meant to be completed online. Students will see pictures, and based on photos or cartoons, make inferences supported by evidence displayed on the screen.

Author’s Goal Worksheet

This worksheet offers various paragraphs, followed by the author of the same objective questions as those on standardized tests. For each paragraph, students will need to select the option that best represents the author’s purpose for writing this section. This is a very different concept from finding the main idea of setting the tone of the author in reading comprehension worksheets for students.

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