100% Free One Step Equations Worksheets For Elementary School

One Step Equations Worksheet – In this lesson, a teacher will explain linear equations and inequalities of one variable and their solutions. But the name is studying in school, of course, there must be an indicator. For example, such as Defining open sentences and closed sentences. Then explain the PLSV concept, or determine the value of a variable in a single variable linear equation.

So indeed, students must first recognize the arithmetic operation in algebra. This was done so that the future process would be much easier. If students have studied the material in the previous section, it can be helpful. The concept of current learning that students will learn is useful in many ways. Each student will use this material to solve the problems in the mathematics test.

100% Free One Step Equation Worksheets

So, one step equations worksheet must understand the system of two-variable linear equations and use it in problem-solving. Furthermore, students must be able to solve a two-variable system of linear equations. But the ability to determine the set of SPLDV solutions by substitution, elimination, and combination methods (elimination and substitution methods) is also necessary.

One-Step Equations Worksheet

A two-variable linear equation system is a set of several linear equations containing two variables where the power/degree of each variable is equal to one. So, a, b, c, p, q, and r are real numbers a, b, p, q, ≠ 0, and x, y are variables. There are three methods to solve the SPLDV, namely the substitution method, the elimination method, and the graph method.

General form SPLDV

Substitution Method in One Step Equations Worksheet

Solving SPLDV with the substitution method means replacing one variable with a variable from another equation. Suppose given the following SPLDV.

Equation x – y = 3 is equivalent to equation x = y + 3. Substituting the equation x = y + 3 to the 2x + 3y = 6 equation is obtained as follows:

2x + 3y = 6

2 ( y + 3) + 3y = 6

2y + 6 + 3y = 6

5y + 6 = 6

5y + 6 – 6 = 6 – 6

5y = 0

Y = 0



Combined Method of Elimination and Substitution

In addition to determining the set of solutions from SPLDV by the graph in one step equations worksheet, substitution, and method methods elimination. Actually, there is another way, namely the combined method of elimination and substitution, namely determine one of the variables x or y using the elimination method. The results are obtained from x or y and then substituted for one of these PLDVs.

Students interact and collaborate with communicate an idea or the results of their thinking through discussion and negotiation one each other to design various settlement strategies problem in question is important. All do this in order for Students can read and analyze the questions later then complement and give conclusions from reading results and question analysis individually.

So, learning mathematics really requires cooperation. Cooperation between teachers and students. Especially if the cooperation is carried out properly and fairly. Then the one-step equations worksheet can run smoothly.

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